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The truth about Free Paypal Money Hacks and the Paypal Money Adder

Did you happen to come across all those advertisements shouting out loud to you Free Paypal Money Adder ever? Chances are you may have and if not then consider yourself lucky. Any avid net surfer has certainly witnessed such gimmicks all the time without a doubt. The question is what are they? Well they are nothing but means to fool you and some may be dangerous as they are prone to contain spyware and malware that can steal your personal information. Read on to find the truth about free Paypal Money Hacks.


Screenshot of a “free paypal money adder” – don’t get tricked. There’s no such thing as free money.

Modus operandi

Most of the sites that offer free Paypal Money Adder often ask you to suspicious surveys. Many a time one survey leads to another and at times only one is sufficient and you are asked to download software. Chances are high that you will not find the required software but yes will harm your system with Trojan for sure. Hackers send these files to bind your server, quite obviously to steal from you.

The truth 

Everyone wants to get rich and just think about it, if you would have stumbled across something so precious, would you ever share it with the world for free? No likewise these are nothing but scams trying to cause you more harm than ever. No one in the world would ever share that cash cow they may have found. Needless to say that this would have erased all the disparity between the rich and poor as everyone would have become rich! Never mind wake up it is never too late and start some making extra money by working extra.

Additional help

Saying that would be easier than said, but trust us there are ways these days that help you to make additional money over scam prone Paypal Money Hacks. Look at the positive side of the internet and try to use it for good other than just sending “Likes” to friends. Here are some of the tried and tested ways to make real money from the internet at your own pace. The best thing about trying to make passive income from the internet gives you the leverage to play your rules.


If you are an artist like may be a painter, writer, photographer, web designer, developer or more, then showcase your talent and work as a freelancer. You can write articles, blogs or draw animations for various agencies that outsource their work as they do not like to hire full time employees.


Yes if you are good at a particular subject then you can consider teaching online. If you are good, then you can even start imparting webinars for college and university students and make some passive income out of it.


If you are blessed with art of selling then you can become an affiliate and sell by promoting products of other websites on your website or blog. You don’t even have to manage an inventory but may have to put your selling skills into practice.

Virtual Assistant

Many business houses do not like to hire full time personal assistants and prefer to outsource this work to part timers. You may have to pay bills, attend a few calls or fill applications because the job varies from company to company.

There are many more ways to make money if you want these days over falling prey to Paypal Money Hacks scams. Look around and you will be able to generate some decent cash by getting into multiple job roles.