Do you like playing games? Have you ever thought of getting paid for playing online games? We are trying to arm you with the latest information about these web based gaming websites that allow you play games and make some cash. This post will give you an in depth analysis of what these sites are and how do they work along with how to locate the scam sites to save yourself. We start with how to Get Paid to Play Games in details by explaining what these sites are all about?

What are these sites?

Websites that permit you to play games and make money are offering you games for testing beta games. These are nothing like the usual XBOX and video games that you have been playing to pass your time. If you are passionate enough and are a serious player only will you be able to get through. Expect to make anywhere in between $10-$30 an hour on an average with these sites. Anyone can make money playing these games from the comfort o their homes or even office. Although people from the US, France, Germany and UK are employed more into this mode of business, yet most of the sites are open to people from across the globe. Since this is more or less like a video gaming position and is part of the direct income venture, so you have to be sincere about and you need to act like a professional in order to make that amount of money.

How do they work?

Nothing comes easy and Get Paid to Play Games are no exception to this rule. This means you have to get into a network where you can find fresh new openings of game testing. Play 3D games, strategic games, MMORPGs and more as a paid gamer. You can align yourself with a set of developers for this as that can come handy. Once you reach a website you would need to:

  • Sign up with them
  • Follow their standard operating procedure
  • Choose an avatar as some sites have a requirement
  • Play to reach the payout threshold
  • Seek payout by card, PayPal or convert them into points to play more as per the site


Some of the things that go into its favor are like:

  • Gives you the leverage to play from the comfort of your home
  • This suggests you work according to your convenience
  • Work irrespective of your time zone and geographical location
  • Allows to make passive income
  • Authentic sites keep your data confidential


Yes there are high chances of getting conned especially if you are a starter. Nevertheless if you have an eye for details and follow our guidance about how to locate legit sites, then your life will easier and you will meet success. Here is a discussion that will help you decide.

How find legit ones

The fact is these sites do not advertise for gamers that makes it little difficult to locate the legit ones. Nonetheless if you follow some simple things then you see that you are in a better position to work it out:

  • Check if the rate per hour is over the top
  • Avoid games that need you to dial numbers
  • Stay away from testing casino games as much as possible
  • See where you click and if that click takes you to an admin panel of the site
  • Preferably don’t download software unless you are sure about it
  • Remember legit sites do not ask for upfront fees

The whole point of this post is to show how to Get Paid to Play Games and to prove that people can make money in a lot of ways. With the advent of the internet things have changed around for good and you can also bask in its glory without much of an effort. Yes one advice would be to stay sharp and never to lose your guard.