Do you ever think of making more money using your online resources? You may be whiling away time by interacting with friends on social media networks or simply chatting with friends online, now that you have realized you can make some passive income out of that loitering around, consider it to be a good sign. We all want to make extra money and there are no doubts that Get Paid to Click is one such opportunity that can help us succeed in real.

What are Get Paid to Sites?

Big question and this could be answered in short like a business model that helps people ear money by driving website traffic. These sites are better known as PTC sites that more or less play the role of a middleman between a website owner or advertisers and real human traffic or consumers. Not to mention that consumers get paid for acting like human visitors to websites that can increase your website traffic in a jiffy.

How do they work?

If you are still thinking about how they work then this can educate you a little about it:

  • advertisers pay for displaying ads related to their websites
  • some PTC sites allow geo targeting for better results
  • few also offer bulk campaigns
  • consumers views the ads and gets a part of this revenue
  • consumers need to sign up
  • they also get paid handsomely for their effort
  • they get paid 10-20% for referring more members
  • members get paid by PayPal, cards, bank wire in some cases and gift cards from top brands
  • then there are monthly bonuses and more for members

Benefits of PTC sites

Authentic PTC sites ensure that both advertisers as well as members make the most out of their system. This is how they can help both these parties to make sure that everything works fine:

For advertisers

  • Get maximum value for every penny spent
  • Advertisers get to focus more on demographics
  • Better management facilities
  • Anti fraudulent software and techniques applied
  • Customization as per your requirement

For members

  • Members get paid well and on time
  • Can upgrade readily
  • Members can earn from the comfort of their home or office
  • Flexible payment schemes

How to avoid scams?

Again the question is how to distinguish scam sites from legit ones? If you are still thinking about that then here are a few pointers that will help you identify some traits for you to stay away from them:

  • Lack of forum support
  • No testimonials
  • One page view
  • Too good to be true offers
  • Extremely high payout limits
  • Strictly avoid upgrades with new sites

The problem

One of the problems to have hit Get Paid to Click business is that of fraudulent clicks. Numerous companies have been sued in the past because of such malpractices and a few have been shut down because of this. Again a few spring up from nowhere and vanish into the realms of internet marketing. It is needless to say that this costs advertisers dearly which is why most of these PTC sites are looked down with suspicious eyes. As a matter of fact search engine giants like Yahoo and Google have to bear the burden of sifting chaff from the hay.

Nonetheless it has to be mentioned that Get Paid to Click are a great source of income for many. Otherwise this concept would have withered away after a while if it was just a fad. This is no fad and that people actually make money from legit PTC sites is very true.