Best Paid Surveys Asia

While it may seem that all the best paid survey panels are restricted to the US and Canada, there are still a handful of paid survey panels which operate throughout the world and some which are even based and focused in Asia! Below we have found the best paid surveys in Asia, a handful which you should definitely consider joining!

1. Global Test Market (Recommended)

Global Test Market is the leader in Paid Surveys and a strongly recommended paid survey panel to join. Available worldwide, Global Test Market pays well, fast, and has interesting surveys! A absolute MUST join!

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2. SSI Surveys (Recommended)

SSI or Survey Sample International was the first commercial survey and market research company. They currently run a number of survey panels such as the very popular Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot. SSI is the best in international survey offer as they offer high paid surveys and many of them. A much join for whereever you are in the world! Open to ALL countries!

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3. Bashbound $1 Sign Up Bonus!

Bashbound is a great survey portal for anyone who wants access to literally thousands of surveys and offers to make money from. Like some of the more popular paid survey panels in the US, Bashbound gives the user a great amount of choice in how they earn their money. Open to ALL countries!

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4. Opinion Surveys (Recommended)

Opinion Surveys is a survey router, meaning they gather information for a range of market research companies as well as acting as the connector between you and a number of different paid survey panels. They have a massive member base and pay via Paypal.

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5. Panel Research

This one is only currently open to Korea and Taiwan. Unfortunately if you are outside of these countries, you will not be able to take part in this survey panel.

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6. My Research (Recommended)

Currently focused in Malaysia at the moment, My Research Survey is a great International paid survey panel which pays well and even offers a sign up bonus!

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